About Deborah Thomas Gardens

In 2004, having always been in love with plants, pretty gardens, and the outdoors, Deborah decided to take a “fun” class at City College of San Francisco. A few years later, she earned her certificate in Environmental Horticulture Landscape Design and took the leap—leaving her job in marketing for a wine importer. After apprenticing with two SF Bay Area fine gardeners, she began to grow her own clients. Today she has been self-employed since 2010, with dozens of happy gardens.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a meet and greet, please give us a call; we’d love to talk with you about your garden.

Client Testimonials

I truly appreciate the care, concern, and commitment that Deb brings to the curation of my landscaping. She’s a wonderful collaborator who really attends to drawing out my particular vision for my yard and then is able to actuate that vision. I don’t think that I’m a very particular client— I don’t always know what I want, I don’t always have the language to articulate what I want, and frankly I don’t want to spend that much time thinking about the exterior landscaping of my house. Deb is an ideal collaborator for someone like me. She understands my limitations and constraints, and within these, creates real beauty that I’m thrilled to live within and be surrounded by.

Deb transformed our empty side yard into an enchanting secret garden.  She has a great eye and wonderful ideas, and she is so easy to work with. We feel so lucky to have been working with her for more than 2 years as our garden continues to grow and thrive. 

Shelli & Jan

The garden was a highlight of my year! And now it’s the best feature of the house. Thanks so much for the fantastic work!!


Deb helped us re-do our backyard, she had great thoughts on plant selection, especially succulents and grasses (which I love!). She also installed irrigation for the plants, what a timesaver that is…why didn’t we have that before? Thanks Deb!